Ny IC WAGGGS i Finland

Der har netop lige været valg til IC i Finland. Her blev der valgt en ny ind i stedet for Karoliina Tikka. Den nye IC WAGGGS er Maija Santalahti, som der måske er nogen som kender i forvejen.

Anniina Markkula er blevet genvalgt som IC WOSM.

“I’m happy soon-to-be-retired knowing that these two will do excellent job in the lead of the international sector. Thank you for all the good cooperation – It has really been a pleasure to work with talented, smart, kind and funny people like you are! Nordics have a lot to give for the development of the guide and scout movement, keep up the good work! And have some fun while doing it” – Karoliina Tikka, tidligere IC WAGGGS, Finland.

Anniina (IC WOSM) og Maija (IC WAGGGS) er de de næste IC’er for Finland i 2017-18.